Lightning – Create or Place a Component Dynamically.

Your Mark.up

<div aura:id="YOUR_DIV_ID"/>

Your Controller.js

DoInit:function(component, event, helper){
                      {"recordId": t },
                      function(cmp, status, errorMessage){
                           var divComponent = component.find("YOUR_DIV_ID");
                             if (divComponent.isValid()) {
                                   var body = divComponent.get("v.body");
                                   body =[];

References :

The syntax is:

$A.createComponent(String type, Object attributes, function callback)

Type—The type of component to create; for example, “ui:button”.
attributes—A map of attributes for the component, including the local Id (aura:id).
callback(cmp, status, errorMessage)—The callback to invoke after the component is created. The callback has three parameters.
cmp—The new component created. This enables you to do something with the new component, such as add it to the body of the component that creates it. If there’s an error, cmp is null.
status—The status of the call. The possible values are SUCCESS, INCOMPLETE, or ERROR. Always check the status is SUCCESS before you try to use the component.
errorMessage—The error message if the status is ERROR.